Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5/4/3/2/1/ #3

1. In Dr:Finch's house there is a TV room.
2. When Augusten was ten he had a job training dogs.
3. Hope, the doctors daughter eats dog food.
4.Joranne has her own personal bathroom no one can use and she eats sink caulking, the stuff around the edges of the sink.
5. Augusten admits that the house is so full of interesting things that it keeps his mind off his mom's absence.

1. Can dogs breed with wolves?
2. Is it legal to keep a wolf in a house?
3. Is dog food bad for humans?
4.what happens to someone's hands if they wash them too often?

1. mashed - crushed
2. weary- tired
3. shawl - long cloth worn around the head

2 Literary terms
1.she said hooooooooooo - onomatopeioa
2. it would kill her -exaggeration

1 overview sentence
Augusten has to spend time in the Finch house and he meets Agnes and Jorrane.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10-12-08 5/4/3/2/1/

1. Augusten seems to have grown up between the beginning of the book and chapter 3 because at first he was nine and now he is "twelve but felt at least fourteen" (p.30)
2. Augusten only had two friends but he's not friends with them anymore because his mom somehow pissed off their mothers to the point that their children aren't allowed to hang out with eachother.
3. Augusten was nervous around Dr:Finch because he didn't want him to know that he was scared of his house and kids.
4. As a kid Augusten was hated and called freak and faggot
5. Augusten was so mad that his mom was going to make him stay at Dr:Finch's house for a week that he fantasized about cutting her fingers off with a knife he seen that had an electrical current running through it that he called an electric knife.

4 Questions
1.when did shock-therapy become illegal in the United States?
2. Do old people really have Masturbatoriums?(in the book it's a room the old psychiatrist would ditch patients to go... yeh...)
3.the doctor in the book claims outward anger is healthier than depression, is that true, is it really better for Augusten's be homicidal and kill his mother instead of bieng depressed?
4.what does it mean when someone get's a sensation of falling when they're sitting/

3 Words
1. squalor- dirtyness(p.40)
2- embroidery- art of threading (p.42)
3.panic- a sudden overpowering terror(p.50)

2 Literary Terms
1.buzzed -onomatopeoia
2. "but I didn't realize he was a monster" (p.52) -metaphor

1 Overview sentence
1. Augusten spends some time in Dr:Finch's house and he becomes very scared of the kids and house because they're messy and not very orderly, and his mom tells him he is going to have to spend an entire week alone with the Finch family.

10-12-08 5/4/3/2/1

1. Augusten, the main character,must be 9 years old because he said "my other brother's since he's sixteen, seven years older than I"(p.4). (16-7=9)
2. I think Augusten has ADHD because the book is written in 1st person and the narrator switches subject like crazy and mentions small random details that show his loss of focus like when his mother was talking to him he noticed the reflection off of her show was like a small TV.
3.Augusen has an obsession with shiny things just like me ^_^, He likes shiny things so much that he boils random coins and polishes them with silver nail polish.
4. Augustten is very fussy about how he looked sort of like a girl, and would dress formal and refuse to go to schoo if his hair wasn't perfect.
5.Augusten's parents would constantly fight and it became worse after they got in a very violent fight and they finally divorced after the tension just turned into deadly silence with both of them wanting to kill eachother and the father taking a liking to shar objects. After the divorce Augusten's father dissapeared from his life and his mom, Deidre has became crazy and sees her psychiatrist Dr:Finch every day instead of just weekly.

4 Questions
1.what are the benefits of having higher ceilings in a home?
2. Is it helathy for a 9 year old kid to be dancing in their mom's dress? (Augusten)
3. what does it mean if a mood ring turns black while someone is wearing it?
4.what things do psychiatrists have in common with normal doctors?

3 Words
1. delusional- when you trick someone (p.20)
2. serrated- teeth-like edge (p.28)
3. loathe- hate (p.15)

2 Literary Terms
1. "My umbilical cord is still attatched and she's pulling at it. I feel panicky." -metaphor (p.2)
2. "He'd rather suffocate me with his horrible oppressive manipulation and then wait for me to cut my own throat" -exaggeration

1 Overview Sentence
1. 9 year old Augusten's is alone with his mom after his parent's explosive divorce after their doomed marriage finally ends and they plan on starting life over by moving to an apartment in Amherst.